Useful web sites about thermodynamics

This incomplete list is a first result of the work of the members of the Working Party for Thermodynamics and Transport Properties within the EFCE who have collected a series of useful links, with emphasis on educational links. The list was then compiled by Peter Ahlström (University of Borås, Sweden) and is managed by Georgios Kontogeorgis at the DTU (Lyngby, Denmark).Among the contibutors are Prof Ralf Dorn (Bayer Technology Services, Leverkusen, Germany) and Dr Juha-Pekka Pokki (Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland).

Any comments or additions are welcome and should be sent to Peter Ahlström in Borås (peter.ahlstrom AT

The members of the working party are also encouraged to grade the sites using the European scale A-F. The grades of sites that are graded by many WP members will be published on this site Send the grades stating site name and grade (preferentially for all sites you wish to grade in the same mail) to Peter Ahlström (address see above) who will compile a grading list.

General sites

Textbook web sites

Normally these sites are accompanying the textbook and do not stand by themselves. Anyway a few of them follow here

Classes and lectures

Reference data

Open Source Thermodynamics Program Codes

  • Marcello Castier at the Texas A&M University at Qatar has made several open source codes for thermodynamics to be used in MS Excel. They are described in the published paper
    M. Castier, Mohamed M. Amer, XSEOS: An evolving tool for teaching chemical engineering thermodynamics, Education for Chemical Engineers, Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2011, Pages e62-e70, ISSN 1749-7728,
    Keywords: Equations of state; Excess properties; Phase equilibrium; Chemical equilibrium; Education


It contains several xls-files but the actual source code in Visual Basic is in XSEOS-Add-in.xla
This package was nice and pretty easy to follow but the link is presently defunct

Another one is from University of Valladolid in Spain and contains MATLAB files in *.m format.

Ángel Martín, María Dolores Bermejo, Fidel A. Mato, María José Cocero, Teaching advanced equations of state in applied thermodynamics courses using open source programs, Education for Chemical Engineers, Volume 6, Issue 4, December 2011, Pages e114-e121, ISSN 1749-7728, 10.1016/j.ece.2011.08.003.

Keywords: Phase equilibrium; Open source programs; Cubic equations of state; Statistical associating fluid theory SAFT; Group contribution; Education; MATLAB; Octave

It can be downloaded from the link given in the above *.pdf paper

or as a supplementary material of the paper. This is a zipped file that includes the *.m files. Those must be extracted from the *.rar file before seeing the *.m files. (using, e.g., 7-zip on a PC, for Ubuntu linux uncompression instructions arehere )

This package has a rather readable source code and a useful manual.

Computer Programs (Executables etc.)

This section needs more input!