Dr Maribo-Mogensen, now a Physical Property Specialist at Linde Engineering, Munich, Germany, successfully modelled an equation of state for electrolytes with applications in the oil and gas industry as part of his research.

He also developed a deeper understanding of the different models currently used for electrostatic interactions, comparing the Debye–Hückel model with the mean spherical approximation (MSA) theory.

 Dr Maribo-Mogensen’s thesis has led to the development of engineering software that has substantial potential for industrial applications, such as describing the effects of electrolytes on natural gas sweetening, hydrates modelling and biofuels processing.

Dr Maribo-Mogensen said: “During the course of my PhD, I have been trying to find the right balance between making my research scientifically relevant and yet useful for industrial applications. Little did I know that the journey I started back in 2010 would lead to being the recipient of this Excellence Award.

“I am honoured to receive this recognition for my work which would not have been possible without the lasting support from my family, colleagues and supervisors. The award will motivate me to continue pursuing challenging goals and contribute to research in thermodynamics and transport properties.”

Professor Jean-Noel Jaubert, chair of the selection committee for EFCE’s Working Party on Thermodynamics and Transport Properties, said: “Dr Maribo-Mogensen’s PhD work is characterised by a pioneering, novel and highly independent work on electrolyte thermodynamics. The overall target has been to develop an electrolyte equation of state for application in the petroleum and chemical industries, including gas solubilities in mixed solvents containing salt and gas hydrate formation.