Based on the above, the major objectives of the Working Party of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering entitled Thermodynamics and Transport Properties are:

To promote thermodynamic, transport and physical property measurements, correlations, predictions, and simulations in the academic and industrial chemical engineering communities, the national societies, as well as the national and international funding agencies,

To promote concerted education activities to Chemical Engineers in the areas of thermodynamics and transport properties, To offer a suitable forum to Chemical Engineers for exchange of ideas, the development of new basic and applied research projects and collaborations through the organization of conferences, workshops and other activities,

To coordinate research activities at the European level by identifying chemical systems and conditions that are important for novel chemical processes and for which data and / or correlations are non existent or inaccurate so that further work is required,

To make available recent developments in the area through an electronic newsletter that will be published every three months.

Thermodynamics and Transport Properties are important elements of Chemical Engineering.

Environmental regulations imposed in recent years by national governments and the European Union call for the development of new environmentally friendly and energy?saving industrial processes.

Design, simulation and optimization of existing or new industrial chemical processes rely on the reliable knowledge of the thermodynamic and transport properties of the chemical species involved.

In most cases, industrial processes involve multicomponent mixtures and so reliable data, correlations, or modelling tools are needed.

Furthermore, modern advanced materials are significantly more complex in terms of chemical structure, microstructure and morphology (micellar structures, microphase separated polymers etc.) and this complexity gives rise to interesting macroscopic or end?use properties.

Development of accurate structure – property relationships are necessary for the design of new materials / products for specific applications.

Finally, thermodynamic and transport properties of biosystems is a fast growing area of interest to Chemical Engineers. Thermodynamics and Transport Properties are also a major element of the undergraduate and post?graduate Chemical Engineering education in Europe.

In most undergraduate curricula, these topics are taught for at least two semesters. Finally, Thermodynamics and Transport Properties is a very active area of research for Chemical Engineers in academia and in industry worldwide with several top?rated international journals devoted to this.

In addition, almost all international chemical engineering conferences have multiple sessions devoted to Thermodynamics and Transport Properties.